Prayers of Grace before a meal

Food is given to us by our Creator; it is He who feeds us every day.  In the Our Father, did He not teach us to say: give us this day our daily bread? When, at the beginning of the meal, we ask Him to bless our food, we take a moment to acknowledge that it comes from Him and to thank Him.

The following are a few prayers of grace before a meal  dictated by Jesus to a priviledged soul.

- I bless all my children as well as the food that comes from my earth; it will bring you the health and strength to go to those who hunger for love. Amen.

- May all the children of the earth be united with you so that your food may bear graces in abundance. God blesses every child. Amen.

- May an outpouring of blessings descend upon this food, producing within you a seed that will make you grow in grace before my Father in Heaven.  I bless you. Amen.

- May this food which comes from my Father bring all His children graces of healing. I bless you. Amen.

- May this food bring well-being to your body and the grace to love all those you carry.  The Almighty blesses you. Amen.

- May this food bring wholesomeness to your heart, and the love of sharing with every child who is cold and hungry. God the Father blesses you. Amen.

- God of love has His blessing of love descend upon you and upon this food, and His blessing will spread to all those you love. Amen.

- I associate this meal to all meals that were blessed by my Father in order to bring the whole world an abundance of blessings.  I bless you.  Amen.

- I bring my Food to your home so that your food might be accompanied by my graces.  Together, let us eat and graces will abound.  Amen.

- May God the Father bless you, may God the Son open you to His graces, and  may God the Holy Spirit give you abundance.  Amen.

- Enjoy this meal that I am blessing and may graces flow in all those who are cold and hungry : they will thus have the stength to live in God.  The Love blesses you. Amen.

- May this meal bring strength to your body, tenderness to your heart, spirituality to your soul, and peace in all families. Your Father blesses you. Amen.