Where to purchase organic non hybrid spelt

It is possible to buy non hybrid spelt in Quebec, in the little town of l’Avenir, near Drummondville.

The mill, La fine fleur, in l’Avenir offers non hybrid organic spelt, certified by Écocert Canada.

The following spelt products are available :

Unhulled spelt, hulled spelt, cracked spelt (for porridge), spelt flour.  The flour is stoneground. These products are sold in 3 formats only : 2 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg.

It is also possible to buy sifted spelt flour.  This flour is sifted 3 times and is somewhere, texture wise, between white flour and whole flour. It thus yields a much lighter bread than does regular spelt flour.

Orders are placed either by phone or e-mail.

Moulin La Fine Fleur
561, Boisvert Road
L’Avenir (Québec)  J0C 1B0
Phone : 819-394-2260 and ask for Julie
E-mail : etienneetjulie@sympatico.ca


The d’Alentour cooperative of Sherbrooke offers organic non hybrid spelt (Moissonerie du pays). However, it is only available in the form of flour, but soon organic non hybrid spelt kernels should also be available.

Membership in the coop is  $30.00 a year.

Coopérative d’Alentour
4740  Industriel Boulevard
Sherbrooke (Québec)  J1L 3A3
Tel. toll free : 1 866 562-3443