Integrating this way of eating into one’s daily life

Little suggestions on the use of foods recommended by Saint Hildegard in our daily lives, with examples for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.


Spelt bread toast with almond butter, chestnut jam, porridge made with  spelt flakes or finely ground spelt, muffins or pancakes made with spelt flour.

Lunch or supper

- Spelt gratin : (onions, carrots, fennel, mushrooms, precooked spelt grains, herbs of Provence, galanga, hyssop, etc. topped with cheese and baked in the oven).

- Crepes stuffed with onions, fennel, chestnuts, herbs, sprinkled with cheese

- Spelt flour pasta.

- Vegetable soup to which is added a fair quantity of precooked spelt

- Salad as a main dish, made up of: cooked beets, precooked and cooled spelt, pumpkin seeds or chestnuts that have been cooked and cut into small pieces, a few pieces of crumbled blue cheese, lettuce or watercress, lemon juice and sunflower seed oil, raw garlic, fresh mint, etc… or simply incorporate a bit of precooked spelt to a variety of fresh salad greens

- Dessert crepes stuffed with fruits and a vanilla chestnut puree.