Naps after meals

Saint Hildegard recommends : « One must not give in to sleep right after a meal, until the flavours, juices and aromas have reached the areas to which they are destined.  It is better to refrain from sleeping for a while after eating, because if one falls asleep without waiting, the sleeping process will direct flavours, juices and aromas of the absorbed foods to areas that are inappropriate and are absolutely opposed to them, in order to disperse them through the tissues like dust; but if one refrains from sleeping for a little while and then later goes to sleep for about an hour, the blood and flesh benefit from this and one’s health finds itself reinforced. »

Do not eat what is too hot

Saint Hildegard writes : « In any season, one must take care not to swallow food that is too hot and is still steaming.  Once the food is cooked, it is good to wait until the excess heat and steam have dissipated, because eating food that is very hot and still steaming inflates the stomach and can cause skin eruptions ».

To help in digesting spelt

Dr. Hertzka (the renowned German specialist of the teachings received by Hildegard) writes in his books that in 30 years of practise, he never met a patient who had an allergic reaction to the gluten in non hybrid spelt.  If one experiences difficulties  when eating spelt, it can be so because of other pre-existing problems, such as a weakened digestive system.

In order to help the body become used to spelt, it is recommended to start eating spelt slowly. Spelt can be eaten regularly but not every day at first.  One can eat a slice of bread, for example, and then wait a couple of days before eating another.

For those who make their own bread, the following can be added to the dough :

- for 2 kg. of flour, add ½ Tbsp. of coriander and fennel seeds. The amount should be made up of equal parts of each of the two kinds of seeds.  The seeds are mixed together and then ground in a small coffee grinder.

To aid digestion,  sprinkle food with a pinch of ground fennel and anise seeds, or simply place the pinch directly on the tongue and swallow.

Gastric reflux can be  helped by eating fennel seeds.  Some like to chew the green leaves of fennel.