From age to age, Our Lord has been instructing His children.  God’s time is always the present.  Let’s not look to the future to figure out what will be good for us, but let us always be in what is good for us.

The Word of God is food: it feeds our soul, our spirit and our body.  If we wish to reach the summit of happiness, let us listen to He who is the author of happiness.  He who comes to eat at the Lord’s Table will never again hunger or thirst for this modern world.  He will have already understood that God’s world was right from the moment of its creation, is for its creation and will always be in the fullness of its creation.

Little instruments that we are, we unite so as to bear witness to a food that comes to us from the Creator.  In God’s nature, everything is there for us.  Let us open our mind to the gifts of nature by beginning with a pure soul that leads us to a food that was always given to us by God.  We, children of all nations, exchange a few little recipes that will awaken in us the need to nourish ourselves well, always for the greater Glory of God, and we will be fulfilled by each meal.